Signing in the South

Signing in the South 2020

I’m super excited to tell you SIS will return to Lake Charles, LA in 2020. Tentative date will be sometime in June – just have to avoid the weekend of Father’s Day. (Don’t think our guys would like it if we overtook “their” day.)

Check back here often for updates on date, venue, tickets, author lineup, and everything else Signing related.

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2018 Signing was a huge success! Thanks to all of the authors and the attending readers. While plans for 2019 are on hold so that I can concentrate on my daughter’s wedding, once signing plans are back in motion you can find all the info here. Thank you for bearing with me while I make memories with my family.


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2018 Participating Authors

Please Support these authors.

Taylor Anne, Jennifer Bates, JD Boudreaux, Roux Cantrell, Lisa Coots, A.J. Culey, Danielle Dauphinet, Diana Marie DuBois, Lindsey Duga, Thia Finn, Nicole Flockton, DC Gomez, Paula V. Hardin, Brenda Hunt, Missy Jane, Jiffy Kate, Jeremy Laszlo, C.K. Leger, Lori Leger, Trish F. Leger, K.M. McFarland, Anne McClane, Linda Mooney, M.E. Nevill, Tex Thompson, Clint Thurmon, Linda Hebert Todd, Jeffery Tracey Sr., A.L. Vincent, Season Vining, Nessie Wallace, Dana Wayne

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