Signing in the South 2020

Signing in the South

It is my pleasure to announce that Lake Charles, LA will once again be the location for Signing in the South!

Thanks to the heartwarming support of fellow authors, readers, family, and friends, I’ve decided to jump in again and bring an amazing author / book signing to the Lake Charles area.

Details are still being worked out. First priority is getting my daughter married in three weeks! Yes, this journey with her has been absolutely amazing. I didn’t want anything competing with my time with my daughter in making her day as special as it can be. But, as soon as the wedding is complete, I’ll be working on venue, date, time, author lineup, tickets, and much more to put this Signing in motion.

Tentative date will be June 2020. We just have to plan it around Father’s Day. We don’t want our guys thinking we are taking over “their” weekend!

Yes, this is over a year away, but you’d be surprised at all the planning that goes into an event like this. Trust me when I say this.

My priority in hosting this special event is taking care of the authors and readers. Because without either of those, there is no success in a book signing. Heck, there is no book signing without those amazing people.

Honestly, my heart is overflowing right now. I put out a feeler about hosting the Signing again. The replies from my authors who participated in 2018 Signing seriously had me tearing up. To know that these authors were satisfied and want to come back really says a lot to me. They put their trust in me last year as I embarked on a first-time venture. We had a great lineup of authors of all genres from all over Louisiana and surrounding states. That group will always be my favorites as they supported me 100% and more! Love you guys!

So, mushy stuff aside – how can you find out more? Stay tuned to my website and Facebook page for all the inside information. Feel free to reach out to me anytime.


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