Saturday Sittin’

The squirrels running around trying to steal the bird’s feed; Oscar (my lovable, spoiled cat) crouched down, ears back, and eyes focused on the prey that he will never tangle with. Yes, he’s dumped a few birds at the back door, but never a squirrel. Water droplets sliding down the (wine) glass, tempting you to take another drink to cool off your taste buds.  — This is Saturday Sittin’ in the South.

Saturday is the day for shopping, reading, visiting, and of course, Saturday Sittin’ on the back porch. Here in the South, we love the outdoors. Yes, some of us even love it when it’s almost 100 degrees HOT outside.

Pour yourself a glass of cool white wine (Pinot Grigio is today’s recommendation), grab a book, and head outside to enjoy a bit of nature’s love.  A beach romance would be a nice place to start. Put yourself in the white, sugary sands of Orange Beach. Close your eyes briefly and hear the waves crashing along the shoreline. Take a deep breath and inhale the salty air. Go ahead, give it a try. Then open Smoke and Mirrors and go on an adventure with Abby and Graeme. Their friends are awesome and Tucker’s is the best beach bar ever!

Enjoy your Saturday Sittin’